Managing Partners
photo of Benjamin Lowenstein
Benjamin Lowenstein
Cofounder, CEO

Benjamin Lowenstein is the founder & CEO of Colingo, during which period he has raised more than $2.4M in venture capital to drive development of a more intuitive form of English-language-learning. He believes passionately that the status quo of the industry does not serve the synapses of the brain nor the social needs of an increasingly global and connected world. Prior to Colingo, he founded and run a boutique software development firm.

He believes in working with his hands to realize the change we wish to see in the world, and is a self-taught software developer specializing in Javascript and Android development. When not behind a keyboard, he can often be found cooking, renovating his apartment, or riding a beater bicycle through the streets of San Francisco.

photo of Angel Steger
Angel Steger
Cofounder, Product & Design

Angel has led product & design for award-winning mobile and web services. An architect by training, she is passionate about developing technology to tackle complex, important problems and using design to address the emotional needs and mental model of the end user.

Her past projects range from the most public to the most private spaces on the web: personalized news aggregation, social networks, consumer genomics, email productivity, relationship management, DIY, and more. She's an advocate for rigorous simplicity and has managed developing products for web, iOS, and Android platforms.

Fluent in Spanish and knowing fragments of a handful of other languages, Angel is an active traveler, eager to sample new cuisine, explore new landscapes, and meet new people.

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